"Thank you so much for the enormous amount of work you did putting the Conference together – your hard work has made a very significant change in my life, and I am sure also in the lives of other attendees. I will always treasure the opportunity I had to meet you both." 

Viv C. - Adelaide, South Australia.

"Learning about the way we all communicate was a lot of fun.  In particular, the role plays were quite insightful."

Lisa K. - Sydney, NSW.

"We are such a diverse group of people dealing with many different personalities every day.  We found the Enneagram tool very helpful in not only allowing us to know ourselves better but assisting us when dealing with young people.  The Enneagram has taught  that we all have different ways of looking at things and no one way is better than another.
We had many a-ha! moments where we now understand why people react differently to the same situations.  We thank you for starting us on this journey and look forward to receiving updates on new reference materials as and when they become available."  

Ian Hanslow - Wesley Mission, Sydney, NSW.


"Thanks again for a wonderful training event that you both convened/coordinated so expertly."

Michael Dyer - Sydney, NSW.


"My husband and I  attended the Relationships Workshop to see if we could learn better ways of dealing with all the different relationships that go on within our family.  We were overwhelmed by the information we recieved and the things we learnt not only about our relationships but about ourselves (very powerful).  We do deal with things differently now and we have more respect for each other as individuals as well.  We thoroughly recommend this Workshop to anyone that has a relationship with anyone else and for those who need a better relationship with themselves......This was an inspiring Workshop and given the opportunity we would definately do it again!!!!"

Kerry - Sunshine Coast, Qld 

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