Being able to bring out the best in yourself, both at work and in your private life is a desire we all have.  In order to achieve our best we need to have at least some degree of Emotional Intelligence.  That is, we need to have self awareness and social awareness - consciousness of the emotional needs of ourselves and the people around us.

The Enneagram is a powerful and easy to use tool that describes people.  It teaches us how to take into account, in our everyday thoughts and actions, the core motivations of others.  

"The Enneagram is the single most useful, profound, insightful, and practical tool available to help us grasp the depth and complexity of the human personality."

Dr Ginger Lapid-Bogda PhD.

The Enneagram is effective in numerous business applications including communication, feedback, conflict management, leadership development, team performance, and executive coaching.   The Enneagram demonstrates that people with different personalities also have different strengths and weaknesses, different communication styles, different viewpoints, and different inherent ways of handling stress.  It allows us to identify the personality types, and gives us a roadmap to communicate and manage conflict more effectively, and points the way for personal growth.



"Our company has grown at a fast rate in the past two years. Our team was built on necessity so working together within this sort of environment faced a number of challenges. We engaged Mark and MaryAnn to identify our teams enneagram personality profiles. We conducted a half day workshop with the team to assist in the understanding of our natural traits and how each person communicates or absorbs information.

The benefits for our business has been astounding with overall team performance achieving results we could have only dreamed would be possible. In the toughest of business environment we have produced results better than any other business unit globally.

I would recommend the use of Enneagram and Mark and MaryAnn's approach to delivering the information and how it relates to individuals and teams."

Wayne Holtham - GMC Global


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